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Reforms should begin with schools
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  • Don’t redo what they’ve done – If your child makes her bed, resist the urge to smooth the blankets. If she dresses herself in stripes and polka dots, compliment her “eclectic” style. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t fix what your child accomplishes. She will notice and it may discourage her.
  • Let them solve simple problems- If you see your child trying to assemble a toy or get a book from a shelf that she/he can reach if she/he stands on her/ his step-stool, pause before racing over to help. “Provided that they are safe, those moments when you don’t rush in, when you give children a moment to solve things for themselves, those are the character-building moments,” . “It’s natural to want to make everything perfect, but if we do, we cheat kids of the chance to experience success.”
  • Assign a chore – Putting your preschooler in charge of a regular, simple task will build her/his confidence and sense of competency. A child who is entrusted to water the plants or empty the clothes dryer is likely to believe she/he can also get dressed herself/ himself or pour her/his own cereal. Just be sure the chore you assign is manageable and that it’s real work, not busywork, since even preschoolers know the difference. The goal is to make your child feel like a capable, contributing member of the family.

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