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Some Of The Greatest Lessons Are Taught By Children

Some of the greatest lessons are taught by children. The following strings of thoughts can also be applied to that line. Life can be enjoyable if we become aware of the necessity of variety.

A child has the desire to have and appreciate variety in life. It does not think about the silliness or magnanimity of its thoughts about variety but just goes seeking for it.

Anyone who has observed a child for just five minutes would attest the fact that the child is continuously seeking variety and change. For a child, life is that particular moment only. It delves into the endless possibilities of finding variety in its day. No wonder children are the happiest in the world.

As we grow up, we somehow tend to become content with routines and seriousness. We run to our office without giving a thought about the cool breeze that morning.

We gulp down our tea without even thinking how wonderful it is to taste and feel the refreshing experience of tea. We rummage through the newspapers and forget to feed our minds with positive thoughts.

We say the routine ‘hello’ to many and just pass, when we can really think how blessed we are to know people who respect and hold us in esteem.

Then one day we realize we have grown older, mentally and physically. We become so preoccupied with our responsibilities, chores, problems, future, career, health and family that we forget to enjoy the daily joys of this life.

Where has the child in us gone?

It is so fortunate for us that God has kept that child’s spirit permanently inside us, for us to resort to in case we feel we are being bogged down by life. Life need not be bad.

Ask your child or some child and see their response to a question:

“How are you doing today?”

Their answer will surprise us. They will invariably talk about present things and most probable something positive, creative, challenging; something that gives them aspirations, hope and happiness.

We too need to wake up the child in us.

Take time to enjoy the morning breeze, feel the joy of having a wonderful tea with a friend, enjoy the sight of innocent kittens playing, the wonderful sight of an eagle soaring, water droplets on the leaves.. the list can go on.

What an effect these things would create in our minds!


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