Technology Based Learning(TBL)

The ORGANIC KIDS Learning tablet has been designed to give your child an all-rounded exposure to ensure multiple skill development. It aims at inculcating reading, musical, mathematical, and analytical and technology skills to give your child the smart edge.

The tablet engages your child into interactive APPLICATIONS and motivates the children to learn by giving instant feedback, encouraging doing better. It comes with a number of age appropriate preloaded and carefully designed APPS’, specifically for a child’s learning and development. The APPS’ high educational content, presented as puzzles, arcade games, quizzes, interactive books and other engaging methods, creates an immersive environment within which the child’s mind thrives and grows.

The tablet provides an access to

  • Award winning learning content.
  • Structured learning path.
  • Completely safe technology: Kids have enough space to interact with technology to explore into different topics specially designed for KIDS.