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Admission Form


Family Information


In the event of emergency, we always attempt to contact the parents first, using the information given by the parents. However, in the event neither parents reachable, please provide two alternative emergency contacts available during the day.

Persons Authorised to Pick- up Your Child.

In the event that you are unable to pick up your child at the designated time, you may send someone else. Please advise the teacher in advance, when possible, when using this option and ensure that the person can be at the play school at the required time.

Child's Health Information:

Note: You will be required to complete a “Medical Administration Form” form detailing how to administer the medication, if the medication is required to be administered in-class, including administration in the case of an emergency (e.g. Epi-pen). Please talk to the teacher.

“I acknowledge that I have read the ORGANIC KIDS admission form, which summarizes the Playschool’s rules and regulations.”

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